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Cover Artwork for Digital Music Releases.


Our Cover Art Specifications, as required by all major Digital Music Services are as follows:

Size: 1400*1400 to 4000*4000 pixels - Resolution: 300 dpi - Color: RGB - Formats: JPG.


All Covers cost £70 GBP.

(£24 GBP with a priority label)


Once you've placed your order please submit your bio, a sample

of the album/single you are releasing and a photo of yourself, your band or

anything else you would like to appear on your cover to

We'll get to work immediately and deliver your artwork within 2 - 5 working days.


Place your order by selecting an option below.

Priority Label discounts are available through our partner websites. If you have obtained

a Priority Label from one of our partners then select "I have a Priority Label" to purchase your

cover at a discounted rate. Please remember to enter the artist/band name the priority

label was issued to on the payment form.

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